Broken Femur, Mutual Care, ROI

Margaret Mead was a controversial anthropologist from the 60’s in america. One thing not controversial though, and maybe that has made more famous recently than any of her research or publications - is the story of a short annecdote, which has become viral all over the internet. The story goes like this: “A student once asked anthropologist Margaret Mead, “What is the earliest sign of civilization?” The student expected her to say a clay pot, a grinding stone, or maybe a weapon....

October 23, 2020 · 3 min · YS

Reverse interview

Reverse interview Fond this online but cannot remember where… when I find I’ll add ref. here Expected usage Check which questions are interesting for you specifically Check which answers you can find yourself online Otherwise ask Definitely don’t try to ask everything from the list. Remember that things tend to be fluid, re-organizations happens often. Having a bug tracking system doesn’t make bug handling efficient and CI/CD doesn’t mean your time to deliver is necessarily short....

September 9, 2019 · 3 min · Johann Savalle

WooCommerce and Russia

Here is a little research project I did at request to figure out all the gateways, if you want to sell stuff in russian speaking countries – turns out Stripe or Paypal are not exactly going to cover all your needs. So here is the results of my research on the topic. Feel free to add in the comments if you have some extra input on the topic. Yandex Money / Kassa The first plugin is from Dayes Design :...

September 11, 2018 · 3 min · Johann Savalle

Marketing 101 – 1 – Markets are conversations

Ok so you want to up your marketing game and you are looking for recommendations where to start. Here is the first post of a serie where I share with you what I think are the best references and guiding principles in marketing. This is stuff I have collected, read and applied over the course of more than 10 years and I will probably keep updating it as time pass....

September 4, 2018 · 3 min · Johann Savalle

self-publishing vs publisher

Also read this piece by tim ferris : How to Write a Bestselling Book This Year — The Definitive Resource List and How-To Guide

August 29, 2018 · 1 min · Johann Savalle

The cloud is dead — long live the cloud!

Edit: looking back at this post from a few years back, it does look incredibly naive but still leaving this up - still a a few good links Back in the (not-so-distant) days, if you wanted to have some online software — to manage your invoices or your customers — or any kind of business management solution — you had to have your own servers for your company and install-and-configure the hell out of it....

April 5, 2017 · 9 min · Johann Savalle

Why should you give a damn about the internet

When I talk to people about the Internet – the first reaction is always : “Yes! Today you have no choice”. Then when I dig a little deeper – you hear the real stories. The “Yes… but…” – not in our industry – people are not buying online really – the market is not ready – it is still early So first, who is connected? Look, in case you haven’t noticed but everyone is....

April 5, 2017 · 3 min · Johann Savalle

So you want to sell stuff online

Selling online has the highest profit margin. It’s also one of the cheapest way to sell direct to consumer at scale. That’s also why it is growing rapidly over the past 5 years, and it will keep growing as the world is going increasingly digital. So, if you want to make the jump to ecommerce and sell online, let’s have a look at what you want to consider before you build anything....

November 14, 2016 · 10 min · YS

The Resistance

Steven Pressfield has really coined the term *resistance in his famous book The War of Art amongts some other books he dedicated to it, and his words are so accurate that it is a must read for everyone in the business of making shit happen. TL;DR The resistance is a phenomenon well known to creative people, entrepreneurs and anybody trying to make something different and/or new happen – to some extent it is like a force of nature that manifest itself against our will to improve, our desire to advance....

August 23, 2016 · 4 min · Johann Savalle