We have stopped blogging

Once blogging was a thing

Not a thing to talk about business

But a place where people would share






with each others.

I think we should do more of that

We should start blogging again.

We should bring this conversation back.

We left to the Facebooks and the Twitters take the control of the conversations

(and no, I am not ranting against these platforms, for a change… see, I actually think Facebook and Twitter and social media as a whole has enabled a lot more people to get in touch with each other… the fact that they do other very bad thing is a different story, but fundamentally, as a conversational platform, they are pretty good…)

The thing is

Blogs are different.

Blogs are like open emails for the world to see.

A weblog – AKA a “Blog” – is – to quote wikipedia – “a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).”

Blogs  also used to have “Blogroll” – sort a primitive shoutout where you could feature some other bloggers.

Blogrolls or the “links” section of your site would be a very significant way to find information on the web in a pre-google era – because existing search engine would be okay-ish to get started on a topic, but would lack the accuracy required to actually get a thorough coverage of a topic.

The peer-to-peer nature of this link exchange would allow a very qualitative referals and a way to sort of endorse and recommend others…

I do realise this whole post kinda feel like a bad “Pepe Farm remembers” – but the point I am trying to make is that blogging – the writing form of exchanging has sorta lost its genuine aspect inherent to human communication and has turned into an instrumentalised way to bait an audience into lead generation which goes very much against the reason why people went online on the first place – i.e. – to access quality information from other peers.

So yeah, I wish blogging would make a come back.

If you want to read a more structured point of view on the topic, I’d redirect you to altplatform.org an initiative to revive the IndieWeb… and – it is dead – so yeah, you can check the short history of Altplatfom archived here.

Let’s wrap up here

I’ll try to keep blogging in a more blogging sense of the term… maybe I’ll understand why people have stopped 🙂



Since I wrote this post, I have actually opened /var/log and must say that, while daily blogging *is* hard, it is also totally worth it.