ok, inspired by a friend, I have decided to make some changes in the way i organise my content on this blog. Separating pure content (in depth article, how-tos, reference post) from the blog in a more casual sense of word.

In a follow up to post “We have stopped blogging” – I want to get back to some regular writing. Less formal, more personal, maybe informative maybe not – I don’t know yet, what I know is I want it to be place where I can share with you an open conversation.

So here I am, launching “/var/log – the personal daily internet log” 🙂 (or as daily as I can…)

/var/log is where you store the log (journaling file) on a *nix machine.

Since most of my content surround the world of tech, design and innovation I thought this would be an appropriate title.

Phase one of this project is to start writing on a daily basis, and create a healthy habit of content creation.

Then, we will see how to move on from that…

have a great day!