more people should be talking about this

Apple is working to prevent people from repairing the iphone they bought.

This is a 15 min video on a legal case where Apple lost – and is very well explained.

kudos to @RossmannGroup for it

For the record, #apple is not the only one doing that

Car companies are too.

Check this one :

Sony as well who sued George Hotz for playing around with his Playstation:

In a world where electronics are gonna be more and more fundamentals elements of our day to day life – it makes sense we pay attention that the stuff we buy belong to us (AKA the people who buy it) and not to the manufacturer.

Oh, and here is a funny addition to – the following video was released in a very similar timespan as the first one – where Apple refused to fix one of ther product, even when the customer was ready to pay for the repair.

Which I think is pretty telling…

Extra references

if you want to know more about the right to repair, check these below.

“Right to Repair” Is About a Whole Lot More Than iPhones