Patience. Grit. Perseverance. Borderline Stubbornness.

The number one reason people failed, especially when it comes to content marketing and organic reach, is a lack of patience and will try one more time.

Statistics will be your first enemy

The beauty of digital marketing is that it brings you statistics, and you know pretty much what’s happening with your content, which at the beginning, is not much.

It is very tempting to let it go, drop the pace slowly, miss a few milestones until your plans to post daily on your blog are gone, or you let your twitter engagement running at an all time low.

So instead, ignore statistics in the first 6 month to a year of your activity, until it become significant, and keep pushing content on a regular basis - independantly of the numbers. Every single day. And if you miss a day or a week, who cares, just get back to it, no bad feeling.

Own your strategy

For every business owner, the day to day is soooo packed - you’d be tempted to drop it entirely, or delegate it totally to some external agency to deal it for you, but even if an agency can come to help you with both the strategy and execution at scale, nothing can replace you own personal involvement in your own company communication.

You have to do it, to be it and to sweat it.

Because in the long run, it matters. For real. To a point you cannot even imagine when you are at the beginning of the way.

So now go and get some of your marketing content done.

Yalla, davai, go do it! Stop reading the internet, and go make the internet.