We need a better online editing experience

Blog writing should be about writing and not about trying to figure out how your web text editor is working.

One of the reason why Medium was so successful was the user experience of the editor.

Editor JS


Editor JS

Simple, straight forward, very light

Interesting features with close to 20 plugins extending base functionalities.

  • Headings
  • Paragraph
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Code snippets
  • Lists
  • Audio
  • quote
  • etc.

Check out all plugins on github

Also has some nice React Implementation: https://github.com/stfy/react-editor.js

(even a vueJS version if you are into this kind of things :

Medium Editor


Directly inspired by Medium. Self defined as a clone of medium.com inline editor toolbar.

NB: Latest commit on Jul 23, 2019

Medium JS

Medium JS

An other clone of Medium. NB: Latest commit on Jun 14, 2016



QuillJS is not really a medium-like editor, but really nice anyway and very well maintained which is not the case of our medium conterparts.



Page Builders

Page builders are a different breed of page editor - while they are not strictly for text I am putting them here until I am doing an article on page builders.

Rich editors

More traditional, nonetheless good quality, rich editors.

That’s it folks! Have fun!