Content creation is key for growth

To grow you need to create content. To grow as a business, as an individual, as a community. All is a function of how much content you manage to put out first.

Writing is the first thing we learn in school - and somehow the cheapest way to create content.

Yet it is also what look like the less approachable.

Here is a few tips I hope you find useful to improve your content creation

Think of this as a framework for text editing

Rule number one of writing

Accept that writing is about rewriting Coding is about refactoring and debugging Video creation is about editing

Noting is perfect on the first shot So just shoot and then start improving But you cannot improve a blank page

Practice make permanent

  • write 2 crappy pages per day
  • make it challenging but achievable.
  • Don’t skip it
  • Just vomit that page.
  • Make it like your daily morning page
  • You don’t have to publish everything you write, but you have to write everything you publish, so start by writing

3 stages of editing by Neil Strauss

  • for yourself - for what you think is good
  • for your fan - for the people who have your back
  • for your critics - for the people who are after you

Keep it simple - tips by tim ferris

  1. Read and highlight what is confusing or unclear
  2. When in doubt, take it out
  3. 10% rule if you keep 10% what would you keep and if you would have to remove 10% what would it be.