For a project I am working on I had to find a way to build some lightpad on the cheap. Lightpad or Tracing lights – and I found these 3 different ways to go at it.


Walmart-style DIY lightpad

Not much building-welding-connecting involved. Just buy 20 euros of office supplies and you are done. I might go with that one. Thanks 


Makerspace-style lightbox

From Instructables, I found this interesting under 30 dollars version. While it looks stunning especially for its cost, it’s not really interesting for me now because too much work involved and I have less than one or two hours to build this thing. Yet, I am still saving this for the future as it might become interesting to build a more robust version.

And also, it would finally give me a valid reason to go hangout at the local Fablab…


DIY High Quality version lightbox

Ok this last one is better than the makerspace version, because mainly you don’t have to have a a makerspace or any sort of metal-cutting tool – so it is much more feasible for a completely home-made project and I keep it also as an alternative version of the previous one in case I want to do a really cool lightbox version and I have a the whole day for it.


By the way, this from Get Hands Dirty channel and if you are into building stuff – you would really love his content. This guy is awesome.



Anyway, I am just at the beginning of the project, I’ll update this post when I am done with mine and I’ll post a few photos…