#1 – Pay attention to your photo

Your profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile photo.

That’s also the first thing people will use to get a first understanding of who you are.

So, make sure your photo is clean and broadcast the kind of feeling your want – not just the photo you had available while doing your account.

#2 – Pay attention to your headline

Your LinkedIn headline matters because :

  • it is the first thing people see that define what you do
  • it helps people find you.

Some tips:

  • Be specific .
  • Incorporate relevant keywords

Don’t say “Marketing Rep,”

But say “Marketing Executive/Growth Strategy/Channel Development.” or “Marketing Leader/Sales Generation Specialist.

#3 – Pay attention to your LinkedIn Recommendations

It is easy to get recommended.

But you need to ask for it.

Do it.

By phone, or face to face – better than just by email or by pressing the “request recommendation” button.

#4 – Pay attention to your feature skills and endorsements.

We all know these skills does not represent your true potential

Yet, people pay attention to it.

And it helps to get you traffic to your page.

So think about it.

#5 – Pay attention to add photos and videos to your profile

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Well, it is true on LinkedIn too.

You can feature content.

So do it.

Think about strategically – like you would for a landing page.

#6 – Use SlideShare

Pay attention to  SlideShare.

SlideShare presentation platform is a part of the LinkedIn ecosystem (a bit like Instagram is a part of Facebook)

It is a separate community but it will get you traffic to your profile and vice versa – will give quality content to your profile.

#7 – Blog with LinkedIn Publisher.


The more content you produce the more likely you are to get noticed.

Writing is for everybody.

Salesman, designer, programmer, engineer, supply-chain manager, everyone can write.


Then keep doing it.