Most post in this category are unfinished, imperfect, lack the polish a proper blog article should have, very often they have typos and even some time unfinished sentences.

So why even bother?

Well, because life isn’t perfect, and most imperfect.

But it is important to get going anyway.

It is important to persist.

I know as I keep doing it it helps me shape my thinking.

Mostly I avoid accumulating ideas in my head.

When I publish it out to the world, it is one thing less I have to deal with.

When I share a video from youtube here I also know I can always find it it the future.

I don’t need to worry or overthink things.

It is out there.

It is for everybody to see.

Sometime is not perfect.

But I am not perfect. I am work-in-progress myself.

I am just giving you a gimpse of what is going on and trying to share the useful bits that could help you too.


That’s it basically.