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What if WhatsApp, Snapchat and Amazon launched in the 80s

June 03, 2018

Ok, let’s chill for a sec.

If you don’t know about Jo Luijten, he is a Dutch video artist & video game developer based in LA, and beside his impressive portfolio, he also feed a youtube channel name Squirrel Monkey with some funny retro videos.

I stumbled upon his creations the other day and had to share some here.

Check his channel if you want more vids (got on Siri, Tinder, Insta, Bitcoin and more).

These are are some of my favourites.

WhatsApp in the 80’s



Snapchat in the 90’s


Amazon in the 80’s



And last one : Privacy in the 80’s

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Ok, I guess you get the idea… just found like a fun thing to keep record of. Also a good remind of how things felt back then…

Again, don’t forget to check his channel.

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