Rapid prototyping exercices

Exercise 1: Mobile TV programs dashboard

  • Scenario: when users login on the app what will they see, what can they do
  • Goals: Engagement

Exercise 2: Rapid prototyping of a live class

  • Scenario: User is watch a live class – with interactive features
  • Goals: interactivity with the teacher and / or other studens, accessibility, access to materials

Exercise 3: A memo card :

  • scenario: User selected to watch a series of random memo cards
  • goals: Fun, Interactive

Exercise 4: Collaborative social media publishing

  • Scenario: User create an plan content for multiple social media
  • What to think of: Various roles – Content creator, Editor, Translator, Manager, Advertiser
  • Goals: Clarity
  • Tip: Think Buffer/Hootsuite

Exercise 5 Collaborative Translation system

  • Scenario: Translators, editor, proofreader, collaboration options
  • goals: Simplicity, clarity, option for everyone to work on it
  • Tip: think kanboard, vertical and / or horizontal

Exercise 6 Scheduling Meeting

  • Scenario: User want to schedule a meeting with a professional
  • goals: Simplicity, clarity
  • Tip: Calendar app

Exercise 7 Task managements

  • Scenario: User want to add a task to a task list, to project or to a
  • goals: Simplicity, clarity
  • Tip: Calendar app