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Trust is the variable

November 30, 2001


A transaction happen when there is trust that the offer matches the need.

So you have 3 variables to work around when you build your marketing strategy.

  • The offer
  • The need
  • The trust


The offer and the need are well known elements you need to master to make your sell.

But “Trust”, my friend, is the key variable.

Without creating trust between you and your prospect, do not expect result.

No matter how you look at it, a translation will happen if and only and if trust is established around the offer to meet the need.

Too often, trust is being left out of your marketing campaign.


Trust in the offer

How credible is your offer? How much can I trust what you say? (Where do you come from? How do you talk to me?)

Do you look like you know what you are talking about? (Expertise)

Does it look like as I’d expect it to look like? (UX and Design-wise)

This is being conveyed in your marketing campaign through the creative you use to make the sales, but also about how fast you are trying to close the deal? How subtle are you in closing the deal?

Are you trying to sleep on the first night with building leverage or are you being a gentleman with your prospects?

Trust in the need

We need to comfort the prospect in his need, and give him time to consider  what would happen without the solution offered.


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