What is it?

source code on github

From the website :

SRS delivers rtmp/hls/http/hds live on x86/x64/arm/mips linux/osx, supports origin/edge/vhost and transcode/ingest and dvr/forward and http-api/http-callback/reload, introduces tracable session-oriented log, exports client srs-librtmp, with stream caster to push MPEGTS-over-UDP/RTSP to SRS, provides EN/CN wiki and the most simple architecture.

Basically it is a simple way to set up and get going with an RTMP server.

How to Create an SRS Server

I obsviously still need to test it live. But this looks like a nice option.

Alternative is to go with Nginx as a server like for example in this demo.

I haven’t made my mind yet which is the best option to go with.

I’d tend to say Nginx is more robust … but maybe just because of the brand and actual SRS is as good and maybe simple to manage… dunno yet…