As much for you as for myself, here is a list of tools you might want to have in mind :


Software you can install to avoid issues

ClamAv (Antivirus)

chkrootkit (Check for Root kits)

Maldet or LMD (Linux Malware Detection)

Ispprotect (commercial 90$ a year)


Commands you can run to check for issues

netstat –an

Displays the network connections and generic statistics


ps –ef

Lists every currently running process


top n 1 b

Displays running processes, their owners, how much memory each process is using, and how long the processes have been running. It also includes system information, such as uptime, number of users, memory usage, and the number of active tasks.



Outputs all kernel messages currently in the ring buffer



Prints information on all current logged in users



Lists all users who logged in or out since a file was created. By default, the file is /var/log/wtmp



Lists information about open files and can indicate which process is used it