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Publish or perish – Internet version

November 30, 2001


  • Publish or perish – the struggle is real
  • Yet, peer-reviewed is bulshit – we’ve got proof
  • Knowledge is meant to be shared
  • That’s what the internet was made for (i.e.: helping scientist in universities share findings.)
  • It is become ridiculously easy to publish online – therefore you have no excuse


Publish or perish – the struggle is real

From cold-hard sciences to fluffy social science, you are not taken seriously if you do not publish in a peer-reviewed article.

Academic outlets are the default – from university publication to scientific journals, from Nature to the IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering and many others.

Publish or perish is a reality in the academic world – but funny enough – it is not just an academic thing – it is also true in the real world – meaning – if you have a company and you do not publish regularly about yourself, your news, your work – you will struggle to get some attention and therefore won’t get any client.

So it could be that it is not just a thing academics do to each other but could as well be something that has to do with us being human – and if we don’t hear from something / somebody on a regular basis – we lose interest.

Just like in the field of academics, this whole concept that we need to keep talking to get more client, more budget, more interest from our peers – has led to a lot of bulshit content being produced.

Yet, we keep doing it – so instead of trying to ignore the phenomenon – we could aknowledge it and find ways to deal with it.

Academics have peer-reviewed publication.


Peer-review is bulshit

Yet, peer-reviewed is bulshit – we’ve got proof


But today, when you have anybody can publish in a few clicks any information, it is very weird for an outsider looking at this industry where papers are provided free of charge to publications an money is collected from universities and individuals in the form of subscriptions to PDFs.


I know I know “peer-review” is what makes all the difference.

Yet, the peer-review process is coming under more and more critic.

With an article about starwars midicholorians – or in a different register – “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct” in a more political move and these are just hoax – the amount of article being published who are just at-best just a filler from articles published as a result of a lobying activities to manipulated science and reasearch in order to advance


An other case of journal suying people because money.

All this is more than ridiculous.

So, I don’t care about what journals you publish your research, publish a copy of what you want the world know about online too.

You found something interesting? You’ve made a point about how the world is working? You have the power to share this with the world. It is very easy.

You can sign up on and publish there.

You can use medium.

You can host your own site and publish there.


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