Ok this is an experimental post.

I realised I collect a lot of information during the week.

I don’t have the time to make sense of it immediately, in a way that would be deep, and reasonate with the global zeigest…

So, instead of pilling drafts on my drive, I decided to publish it as a weekly review of the stuff I collect. and will later, if time allow, get back to it.

So anyway, let’s get to it.

What’s been up this week?

Colaboratory - Google Jupyter

So google is giving a go at live python web interface.

A bit like Jupyter and MyBynder but owned by google.

(The url is quite curious, wondering what is this research.google.com)

That’s an interesting move.

Will it stick aroud or will it get the Google Reader treatment? Only time will tell, but for now, looks like a great tool.

Game Learn

https://www.game-learn.com/ is a no-code gamified learning platform for corporate training.

Gamification is a field with a great potential one the hand but very hard to deliver great experience on the other hand. So it is interesting to see a full plateform dedicated to this topic.

I could not figure out who are the founders of this project, but according to the site, the company is working with high profile corporate companies from US/Europe, like Axa, CaixaBank, Saint-Gobain, Kiabi, Coca-Cola, Norauto, etc. (Check their clients section if you want to see for yourself.)

They also have some game demos worth checking.

Training topics are pretty standard : leadership, team management, negociation, conflict resolutions, customer service, cyber security…

In short, it is on my list for later review.

Unboxing school

https://www.unboxing-school.org/ is an israeli based movement lead by MindCET, calling for a change in educational practices. Part of this is featured in the Israel EdTech Week. Putting a follow on this.

Curious to see where it goes.

Future of Work - by SAP

Future of work is a topic I tend to find fascinating. Work is so cental to our social interactions. Stumbled upwon SAP vision of the future of work, which given SAP position in today’s market is quite an interesting window on how they see this interaction evolve.


AirByte - ELT open source

Open-source, data integration for modern data teams. (Bunch of connector like : facebook marketing data, google analytics, hubspot, etc.)

Interesting Reads/People

Side note - none of these are endorsement - you are left the sole judge of its worth

International Affairs

With all what happen this week in Afghanistan, my twitter feed was full of new face I never heard of, two of them poped-out.