Wait, what’s a design system

A Design System is like a reusable library of components, visuals and principles.

Through composition, the system can scale to offer a path for to create a coherent UX for designers and developers of digital products and services.

The construction of a Design system offers many advantages. This solution makes it possible in particular to facilitate the work of the teams and to reduce the “design debt” and the “technical debt”. This results in a cohesive ecosystem and therefore a better experience for users and customers.

What’s special about design system for public service

Design is about solving problems.

Government platform represent an interesting set of challenges, because basically their market is the entire population of a country.

It should optimize for KPI other that converting people to a checkout page or lead generation.

So the thinking that should go into the creation into such design is quite unique.

Governmental design systems

Here is the best list I could come up with (if you have more please send over)

I definetly would like to expand this section, if you have more reference from latin america, asia or any other place (like I could not find any from Africa, or the middle east), please send some reference.

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