Bourne Again Shell is born again :)

Pure Bash Bible

Open source book on pure bash solutions.


Finds bugs in your shell scripts A linter for bash scripts

Bash Guide - Best Practices

Because you don’t want people to bash your work wink

  • Bash Guide: Best Practices

  • Bash Pitfall

    The pitfall guide for bash is really good. Honestly a great way to see what are the common mistake we all do at some point and to start to think more in bash.

Bash - Safer

In the same spirit - a guide on how to write safe bash.

Toolbox - a framework for bash

Really cool idea to make bash more modular, like you would in python on any other tool.

Bash Ctype

Ever wanted to call a C++ function from a bash script. Me neither. But now it is possible.

Writing a Minecraft Server in Bash

A weird one, but interesting

A wordle clone - in bash