A refactored digest of my reading of the month.

A short introduction to give a bit of context :

I have been looking for a way to share on a regular basis some of my learnings. I tend to go through a pretty large amount of content as part of my work and in general. So here I will try to provide it as a structured digest.

The goal is to provide an interesting selection of content both practical and conceptual to help advancing how to use tech to solve real problems.


On people and processes

How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum

The Work - Jeff Gothelf

  • A reminder that beyond code, you have to deal with : Design, Research, Product Management, Copywriting, etc.

The Inside Baseball of Corporate Transformation

  • Why the digital transformation of a company can be a sh*t show

Data Science

counting your beans

Is BI software dead

  • As data work is getting more and more complexe, how BI is still really a thing

Intermediate Algebra

  • Know your maths


getting sh*t done faster

Legend App

  • an other org mode web app - looks pretty cool

How you can track your personal finances using Python

  • Text based accounting + python

Tech & Tools

How to make the things

Tutorial: Clustering algorithms with Python

  • A tutorial on Cluster analysis (an unsupervised learning problem to find natural groups in the data.)

10 Best Docker Alternatives 2021

  • With docker evolving its pricing policy, worth checking what the container ecosystem looks like in 2021

The Reactive Monolith

  • How to Move from CRUD to Event Sourcing (A Wix engineering article)

Live reload for go apps

  • cool stuff for go developpers



widen your perspective on the world

You have the right to remain innocent

  • James Duane is a Law Professor

  • He became a viral in 2008 for a lecture on why people shouldn’t answer questions from the police

  • You Have the Right to Remain Innocent is his new book. He is a great lecturer

Cybernetics and Information Theory in the United States, France and the Soviet Union

  • Cybernetics was scrubbed from CS in the US due to the cold war
  • Interesting historical review of what happen

Podcast - Shit you dont learn in school #35

  • Does Marriage, Retirement, or the 40-Hour Work Week Still Make Sense?

Turing Oversold

  • Alan Turing’s contributions are exaggerated at the expense of the actual contributors

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