The monolith problem

Usually when working for your usual web framework, be it Laravel, Rails, Django or others, you cannot really make use of the strong templating capacity that comes baked into your framework, and instead you need to create an API and then integrate this API with the frontend framework of your choice (Vue, React, Solid, Qwik, etc.)

Imagine being able to create those slick, smooth web apps that load everything on the fly without having to leave the page, but without getting bogged down in the usual headache that comes with setting those up.

The Inertia solution

That’s what Inertia is here for. It lets you stick with the web development tools and languages you already know and love, handling all the complex stuff in the background.

So, you can focus on building your app with your favorite server-side tools while Inertia makes everything look smooth and modern on the front end.

It’s like giving your classic car a jet engine; it’s the same ride, just way faster and flashier.

Where is the fun happening?

Go check there site at

Just a heads-up though, Inertia.js is relatively new on the scene.

Also, it has been designed with Laravel (a PHP framework) in mind.

That means if you’re working with Laravel, you’re going to find it super snug.

If you’re more into Django or other frameworks, you can still make it work, but just know you might need to tweak things a bit more to get everything running smoothly.

For Django you can check:

If want to chat with folk working on the project, they have a discord at