– where we tie everything together in a sales pitch

Every conversation is an opportunity

– where we understand how exchange & communication is a requirement for mankind

Internet – starting the global conversation

– where conversation happens – and censorship – and fakes news – all core element of human nature – but also where learning, innovation and connecting the world is taking place

Bitcoin – Money & markets

– money and economics are the mirror of our relationships – status.

Marketing& Sales – scaling the conversation

– make the best of the communication for the best interest of the market

Business as a lifestyle – meaning of life and contribution to society

– we spend most of our life at work, we might as well love what we do – what do we need businesses

Learning & Education

– how to learn to be ready for life

Future of work – AI / Robotisation

– in a world of robots, is there still room for man, scaling love

Innovation & technology

– making innovation happen – technology is just a tool.

– Conclusion

making change happen