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NGO biz dev tip of the day

June 08, 2016

Hi there!

A quick tip today for NGO’s :

We live in a world with tight interconnections. It means that your cause, whatever it is you are rooting for – from handicap to poverty to your local social community service – chances are that people who don’t care for your cause are actually caring for a joint cause.

So, when you throw your next fundraising event, instead of doing it all alone and hoping for the best, go partner with an other NGO whose cause complement yours and share revenues from the event.


Your NGO is into young adult education – go partner with a social inclusion NGO. You do food for Africa, go partner with water for Africa NGO. You run a church, go partner with a NGO that fight against drug or illiteracy.

Split revenue in half – or whatever make sense and benefit from a new audience that will view cause differently now.

Of course, we could go on and expand on how you can use storytelling to bring some extra humf to this partnership and impact your fundraising campaign, but we’ll keep it short for today.


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