Writing your own OS – nobody does that.

That’s why it is interesting 🙂


Reference post for later.


OS general intro – pretty good.<div class=‘avia-video avia-video-16-9 av-lazyload-immediate av-lazyload-video-embed ' itemprop=“video” itemtype=“https://schema.org/VideoObject" data-original_url=‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GDX-IyZ_C8’ >


Tutorial – Step by step




From the guy who did the 1h tutorial.


Full list : http://wyoos.org/Videos/index.php

A pretty interesting book on lecture from Birmingham university on the topic here.

Then Mike Saunders reference here: How to write a simple operating system

Erik Helin, Adam Renberg’s book :

The little book about OS development

Baking Pi – a course from Cambridge on Rasperry pi’s OS – doesn’s seem up to date but could be still relevant


Beginner Mistakes when writing your own OS :


The stackoverflow refernce : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1224617/how-can-i-build-a-small-operating-system-on-an-old-desktop-computer