I stumbled upon this video the other day.

Some ex navy seal guy, they do army-style training programs for people who like to get their butt kicked.

But also, they happen to have very good content on psychology of motivation (which actually make sense given what they do as a job.)

The following video is about the reasons behind lack of motivation, lazy-style, I’ll do it tomorrow approach.


TL;DW: Lazy is incompetence-driven. You don’t think you can do it, so you try to avoid doing it. And when you do, you figure out you actually suck, then most people just drop out here, and the real deal is to go beyond this feeling.


I find this fascinating on so many levels.


At a personal level, I can totally identify I did that myself so many times, and to really understand the root of the problem is a first step toward solving it.

But, from an_ HR perspective_ it just highlights the importance of training to create motivation, and drive mastery within the organisation.

From a marketing perspective, it just remind us that UX is here to make it feel it is easy, because else, it doesn’t happen, users are not thrilled.

Apparently, it happens that we hate to suck at the things we do.