Bunch of resources for side project on gaming.

(got 2 boys at home who have their eyes locked on mario – so I just want to use that to open their eyes on it works and make some mods and some cool evolution of the game with them…)

here is what I have found that look like the more promising for quick development of 2D arcade games:

Enchant JS

Seems like a basic library for simple games.

Sounds like the kind of things I’d use to make a quick candy crush.




Processing JS

JS version of a more advanced language – which I have never heard of – name surprisingly enough : Processing

Main page

A pretty detailed tutorial on how to make a Mario Game adaptation :


Codeproject version of Mario game (and editor for new level):

Tutorial on Mario

Editor level

Codeproject is a well known site with hundreds of tutorial – this on looks pretty good and I love the fact there is an editor for creating new levels.

I still need to check which library it is using to see how reusable the knowledge here will be.

If the library is too peculiar, I might skip it because I’d like to be able to learn (and then teach) some stuff that will be reusable outside of the tutorial – so there is that… but then again, I am also pretty excited because of the editor level… so this might play an important role too.


This one is my favourite because of the library and the demos which looks ridiculously simple to use and the tutorial who looks like very adapted to what I’d like to do – and also I’d love to master this library … but we’ll see




Nice even if a bit light – might try – dunno. Maybe it is quick to learn…


A bookmark for me to refresh my canvas manipulations…