Gamification for engagement and monetisation

engagement and monetisation are nearly two aspects of the same thing.

The user want to use to your app and is ready to invest more time or more money for it.


  • Reddit : gamified status. Paid for social status using credits
  • Audible : subscription earn you points, with points you can gain option to download books. Stop your sub and you lose all your points.
  • Stack overflow: Points for status based on competency and status, if you dont have enough credit you cannot vote or you cannot comment or don’t have access to some of the features
  • Duolingo : An app for learning language. Good use of gamification mechanism to drive consistency.

In app payment mechanisms :

  • pay to get more :
    • closed member area – exclusivity
    • extra services (free delivery) – conveniency
  • pay as you go
    • fake currency allow to create a loss-aversion mechanism
    • extend existing services
  • Speed throatling : pay to get it faster