For what it’s worth, I have been noticing a raising interest for empathy in the past few years.

It’s been popping everywhere from a variety of fields, either in business and entrepreneurship, human resources and management to more more remote fields like design and product development as well as the obvious therapy and education fields.

Science seems to have discovered a couple of years ago that we are wired for it:

but science isn’t really everything there is to it – I mean look at this article about this lady being a lead researcher on empathy, and she still managed to bullied colleagues and staff.

It seems like it is not enough to know how empathy work to apply it.

And this why it’s interesting because the places where I saw it popped recently were mostly from people who need this in their day-to-day

You see empathy being the first step of a design process taught in Stanford University design class:

Empathy is at the core of HR prone by Claude Silver.

Empathy is also the tool used to trigger creativity and collaboration,

Practical Empathy: For Collaboration and Creativity in Your Work

You can go to Empathy Bootcamps :

to learn how to better your relationships, improve your love life.

It seems like empathy is the secret sauce of successful relationships.

And empathy is something people want to learn

Funny enough, it is not something that’s easy to absorb, but it could be that storytelling is a way to do it.

I liked the exercise done by Sam Richards during a TED talk to try to create empathy in the audience

Note that the talk itself is not about empathy – but he tries to use empathy to get his point across.

That’s just one example, but I am sure that the need to compensate our lack of natural skills for understanding other can be taught, in some way…

And since mentions of empathy don’t seems to lack, probably something that should be taught.

Praised by designers

to business people:

Talked about by consultants as the key to leadership:<div class=‘avia-video avia-video-16-9 av-lazyload-immediate av-lazyload-video-embed ' itemprop=“video” itemtype=“" data-original_url=‘’ >

And praised as the element fix the problem with online hate :

Something to think about…