Eesti Vabariik – the Republic of Estonia

45,339 Km2 and a population 1.3 M people which like a ten time less than Paris or London.

They have a complex and interesting history (actually most countries have an interesting history – but maybe it is a personal taste.)


But what is really interesting is how Estonia use the digital to organise their society.







It looks quite a digital utopia…

I have more questions than I have answers on this one honestly.

But first, let’s see what this all about…


E-Residency in 2 minutes

Simplifying administration.

Everybody’s dream, no?


Voting online


Probably a good way to increase participation.



Maybe my favourite.

My local school still use a notebook for teacher-parent communications.

Not even emails.

On the other hand, they have a full fledge communication system.

*jealous face*



Ok, that one is freaky.

Minority report anyone?



Beyond the hype?

I honestly do not know how all this is working for real.

We are all educated enough to understand these nice videos are PR version of the product.

But, still it looks very impressive!


What do you think?

If by chance you live in Estonia, I’d love to hear what you guys think.

Please leave a comment below.


And if you don’t live in Estonia, how is the digital in your country?

Would you want something like that in your country?