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Design Sprint – Coding Sprint – Sprint everything

January 24, 2019

A sprint – in a concept popularised by agile methodology Scrum.

The goal of a sprint – very much like a real life sprint – is work against a time limit.

But very differently a real-life sprint – the goal is not to go fast but to gain focus so we can be really efficient.

Running in sprint doesn’t mean there are no long term goals.

It only means there will be a lot of sprints to get there.

Important : a sprint deliver.

When your sprint is done you ship.

(I don’t how that’d work with CI/CD philosophy of shipping changes daily but I guess you can ship feature as you go – no need to wait for the end of sprint)

Important : a sprint is uninterrupted. Else it is not a sprint.

You can’t half ass that thing.

I mean you can. But then the result will be accordingly.

Multi tasking bring a lack of focus.
Focus is the goal of the sprint.


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