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Cut the BS

June 02, 2016

You don’t know me and I don’t know you.

However you are still reading.

There might be something you expect to get from reading me.

It’s ok, I am cool with that.


That’s why I am writing for.

I want to provide you value. One day, we might be doing business together, or we might not.

Hell, you might never come back again… making it even more vital, in this very short amount of time of asynchronous exchange, that I try to bring my best to the table.

Which mean that when I write, I need to **cut the bullshit and get to the point. **

Chances are, you customers / clients / audience / people you interact with, also, want you to just tell them what’s up for real. It is saving everyone’s time.

Once you told you, they might not like you, maybe it also means they will not make business with you, but it is still worth it, because **in the long run, you win. **

First, you are saving yourself a huge amount of time by working with the right people, the one who made a informed and educated choice to work with you, knowing who you are.

But also, you are doing them a service – because if they know who you are and what you think, they are not in for a bad surprise. Human expectations are set very early in the relationship, from the very beginning what you plan to bring to the table and how you roll. They will thank you for that. And they will trust you for that.

No one need your political correctness, no one need you to disguise your thoughts. Just be you, and try 100% to bring value to the other side.


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