Writing your own OS – nobody does that.

That’s why it is interesting 🙂


Reference post for later.


OS general intro – pretty good.


Tutorial – Step by step




From the guy who did the 1h tutorial.


Full list : http://wyoos.org/Videos/index.php

A pretty interesting book on lecture from Birmingham university on the topic here.

Then Mike Saunders reference here: How to write a simple operating system

Erik Helin, Adam Renberg’s book :

The little book about OS development

Baking Pi – a course from Cambridge on Rasperry pi’s OS – doesn’s seem up to date but could be still relevant


Beginner Mistakes when writing your own OS :


The stackoverflow refernce : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1224617/how-can-i-build-a-small-operating-system-on-an-old-desktop-computer







Just watch the following talk…

Trends sell.

Sometime they sell bulshit.

Startup culture and entrepreneurship is trendy now.

But now always for good reasons…

Very good talk about how company founders should think about equity and capital shares.

“Founders, don’t fuck up your cap tables!” by Oussama, Founder @The Family

Strategy is everything.

But it is not always understood this way – and can be a tough sell sometime.


Here is an interesting discussion around the topic:

Part 1:


Part 2:



Kids dont break your computer.

Just broke mine.

It’s a pain.

If you break stuff however, I found an awesome channel to learn about computer repair.

Louis Rossmann

Check it out.

Pet project – literally – as the kids want a cat – and we are ok – just we need a solution for when we travel and are not home for a few days up to 10 days max.

So we need to get the cat to be able to eat and to take care of its basic needs without destroying the flat.

Here is what I found:



Simple version 1:

Simple version 2:

Simple version 3:

Advanced v1:

Advanced v2:



More complex to handle

here are some elements I am thinking about:

nice idea

Probably need an other engineering approach – or just leave a lot of litter boxes – just in case – like this guy.


– where we tie everything together in a sales pitch

Every conversation is an opportunity

– where we understand how exchange & communication is a requirement for mankind

Internet – starting the global conversation

– where conversation happens – and censorship – and fakes news – all core element of human nature – but also where learning, innovation and connecting the world is taking place

Bitcoin – Money & markets

– money and economics are the mirror of our relationships – status.

Marketing& Sales – scaling the conversation

– make the best of the communication for the best interest of the market

Business as a lifestyle – meaning of life and contribution to society

– we spend most of our life at work, we might as well love what we do – what do we need businesses

Learning & Education

– how to learn to be ready for life

Future of work – AI / Robotisation

– in a world of robots, is there still room for man, scaling love

Innovation & technology

– making innovation happen – technology is just a tool.

– Conclusion

making change happen

Just a list of plugin I am considering using as a base for further developments:

Kindred Posts

Kindred Posts uses artificial intelligence to learn how your website visitors use your site and recommends content based on their interests.

(not maintained anymore but developper actively asked for people to join and keep maintaining the project… might do that… we’ll see)

WordLift – AI powered SEO

WordLift helps you organize posts and pages adding facts, links and media to build websites. Lets you create, own and publish your own knowledge graph. WordLift publishes your content as Linked Open Data following Tim Berners-Lee‘s Linked Data Principles.

Doesn’t seem very much self-contained – but probably rely on some external API – i’ll have to see.

Company behind this is italian: https://wordlift.io/

AFS Analytics

I am excited about this plugin because it does 90% of one of the tasks I have to deploy on some LMS and might actually be of great use… will have to dig into that…

Primal for WordPress

Primal for WordPress uses a patented artificial intelligence to
deliver highly relevant and up-to-date information to your readers,
tailored to each page you create.

not thrilled about this one.

First – the applied functionality of the learning process is to fetch external content from the rest of the web – so not very much what I want to do. But maybe the learning algorithm is worth watching. If it is accessible… which is not sure yet.


Watsonfinds analyzes your content to provide insights about the emotions that your audience may perceive as they read it.

well… here not much to learn about the AI part but interesting to see how Watson perform on your content.

Contextly Recommends

Contextly helps you build a loyal audience through engagement tools that keep readers reading. Contextly does far more than just related post recommendations. We also get readers to explore your site by identifying your evergreen posts (think oldies, but goodies) and your most popular posts. For larger sites, we can also personalize recommendations for return readers.

Also has a massive amount of features:

Multiple Recommendation Modules / Related Content / Personalized Content / Popular Content / Evergreen Content / Video Recommendations / Product Recommendations / Editorial Control/Curation / SEO / Promotional Links / Responsive Designs / Analytics / Performance / Custom Post Types / Channel Notifications / FollowUp Notifications

but, there is a catch… as always – that none of these elements are a part of the wordpress infrastructure – just some external API – and cost anywhere from 9$ to 99$ per month (more if you go for an enterprise version).

I want to state that while this is not a solution I would recommend on the long run – it does look very appetising – and is on point for most of the features I’d need.

Also – all these cloud solution are raising a lot of privacy questions – what do they do with your users data and who is it sold to in the end… so there is also that.

Bottom line:

seems to have some interesting plugins but most are going to rely on external engine – which is also not open source and not accessible – so that’s a lot of lost data and not very much useful.

Probably next step will be to explore the world of open source engines for machine learning.

I have been working on an idea for a LMS project I am involved with.


The general problem we are trying to solve is to provide a customise learning path for users


Here are some of the videos I found relevant and quick research notes.


#Machine Learning with WordPress

(not as much about wordpress as I thought it would be but a nice intro)


#Building a Machine Learning Platform at Quora

Very good consideration – must relisten to it again.



  • scoring engine
  • gamification / scoring engine


Reference articles

Predicting Customer Behavior: How we use Machine Learning to Identify Paying Customers before they Subscribe

Lasso (statistics) [WIKI]


Track User Behavior in Real-Time to Offer Relevant Website Content to Auto Shoppers – Mini Webinar

That last one got like just wow!!!


Ok… gotta think about that..