Install V4l2 Loopback
GitHub – umlaeute/v4l2loopback: v4l2-loopback device

NB: On Debian/Ubuntu, works best to install the package v4l2loopback-dkms

$ sudo apt-get install v4l2loopback-dkms

Once installed, you should load the virtual cam.
First check which video devices you have.
$ ls -l /dev/vidoe*

For instance on mine I had /dev/video0 to 4 so I then create a virtual cam on 5 using :

$ modprobe v4l2loopback video_nr=5 card_label=“Virtual cam”

Add OBS plugin for loopback output : obs-v4l2sink

NB: Not working yet.

Clone obs-v4l2sink

(If you wanna try without the plugin: check the convo Hello CatxFish… Any way to install OBS-virtual-cam on ubuntu? · Issue #17 · CatxFish/obs-virtual-cam · GitHub )

cmake -DLIBOBS_INCLUDE_DIR="…/…/obs-studio/libobs/" -DLIBOBS_LIB="…/…/obs-studio/libobs" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr …

Step 1: Generate the mock data

Go to Mockaroo a random Data Generator and API Mocking Tool | JSON / CSV / SQL / Excel

Download as SQL / include Create if you want

Step 2: Prepare a database accessible remotely

Create a database and user somewhere online.
For instance with a service like

Step 3: Import the data in the database

mysql -u user -pPasswords -P 3306 -h < data.sql

Step 4: Check

You can use phpMyAdmin on remoteSQL website to check your data was processed in properly

Setting up the dev environnement

Install the command line tool

  • npm install @google/clasp -g

Then you login :
clasp login

Then you create a script :
clasp create YOURSCRIPT

NB: You need to create the folder where you put your code first

You can open it online using :
clasp open

NB: Seems like you need to at least open it this way once before you can pull and push.

Then you can pull it :
clasp pull

This will pull all the files you just created using the clasp open command

Then after you make local modifications you must use :
clasp push

Pretty straightforward

Deployment :

clasp version "First version"
clasp deploy 1 "First deployment"

Failing to keep a routine does not mean you cannot fix it the day after.

Should always strive to deliver – even if less than anticipated than delaying to try to over deliver.

IE : you deliver more often – not just more quality – and more often is a more sure way to reach more quality than delaying delivery



NB: take with a grain of salt – but still some interesting tips. posted for reference

#thread start:

if you’re having a shitty time with your mental health and are low functioning i feel u & sympathise. here’s a list of potential actions for u to take to feel better/exist through it. try to pick a few & do them, but if you can’t : that’s valid too. let’s go

  • Stand up & stretch. Take ur time with it.
  • Plug in your phone & laptop to charge.
  • Change out of the clothes & underwear ur currently wearing. Doesn’t matter if u take off one set of pyjamas and put another set on.
  • Drink an entire glass of water.
  • Pee
  • Wash ur face.
  • Address your most immediate physical pains/discomforts. If you have a headache, take medicine & hydrate. If you have any cuts, clean & cover them.
  • If you can eat: eat. If not, brush your teeth, chew some gum or even just swig some mouthwash. You’ll feel more human for it.
  • Catch up on some basic social maintenance stuff- text back the last few people who got in touch. Let your partner or close friends/family know how you’re doing. If you need to email work or school to request time off: do that.
  • Make a doctor’s appointment.
  • Push back the duvet/blankets & sweep all crumbs & other bits onto the floor (u can deal with them later when ur feeling better- there’s no need to be lying amongst depression detritus if you can avoid it)
  • If you need to take your meds- take them, or set a reminder for later.
  • Pick up & tidy away TEN different things. This can include picking up rubbish & throwing it into the bin, putting all clothes into one pile, stacking all plates, tidying shoes away.
  • Alternatively u can try setting ur timer for 5 mins & tidy as much as possible in that time.
  • If u’ve been staring at screens for hours unable to stop (e.g. me as hell) set a timer for half an hour & instead listen to a podcast/album or do a meditation. Give ur eyes a rest.
  • Spray something that smells nice onto your pillow/jumper sleeve.
  • Open a window if possible.
  • Tell yourself a reassuring thing. For example: “right now is absolute shit, yes, but eventually I’ll have the skills to survive. I’m moving in the right direction even when it feels like I’m stuck. I’m in good company here, in this hell toilet. And it will all pass.”
  • Do ur skincare routine. Take ur time. Buff & moisturise your entire body. Make yourself soft like a newborn vole.
  • Unfollow everyone on Instagram whose posts don’t make you happy or encouraged. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel like your life/face/body is utter shite.
  • Unfollow everyone on Instagram whose posts don’t make you happy or encouraged. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel like your life/face/body is utter shite.

ok so I add the following problem to deal with.
Posted here for reference.


Even if the user and host are the same, they can still be distinguished in ~/.ssh/config. For example, if your configuration looks like this:

Host gitolite-as-alice
  User git
  IdentityFile /home/whoever/.ssh/id_rsa.alice
  IdentitiesOnly yes

Host gitolite-as-bob
  User git
  IdentityFile /home/whoever/.ssh/id_dsa.bob
  IdentitiesOnly yes

Then you just use gitolite-as-alice and gitolite-as-bob instead of the hostname in your URL:

git remote add alice git@gitolite-as-alice:whatever.git
git remote add bob git@gitolite-as-bob:whatever.git