Mondays don’t have to suck

but sometime they do…

which I guess is fine and was to be expected.

Yet – when you didn’t sleep overnight and still have to break your head over tons of things… some days are just not easy.

The secret – is to zoom out.

When I manage to zoom out on the scale of a decade – then the fact the tramway was late or that I couldnt get a coffee in the morning, or this bug in the code is become such a tiny ridicule element that can easily be overcome.

On the other hand, when you have a ridicule tiny stone in your shoes, lets see how you zoom out… so yeah… so sometime it sucks 🙂

and we have to get used to it… will get better 🙂

Research notes / Watchlist for later review on infosec and privacy and anonymity – note that these two are different.


#Tor Developer Isis Lovecruft lectures on anonymity systems at Radboud Universiteit


#Browsing with Tor: Online Anonymity to Outsmart the NSA – Tom Lowenthal


#DEFCON 14: How to Create an Anonymous Identity


#DEFCON 20: Can You Track Me Now?

Government And Corporate Surveillance Of Mobile Geo-Location Data




Lecture 6 — Bitcoin and Anonymity




Bitcoin Q&A: Anonymity and confidential transactions


I am very good at starting things.

It wasn’t always true – I used to waste a lot of time to ponder and get to work – now in the past decade I think I have brought my capacity to set up a new project to a real good level – and kickstarting things into motions.

Now – I need to move to the next level – which is perfecting the finish.

To go full “seth godin” definition: JUST SHIP.

Delivery – even imperfect is such an important thing.

Ultimately – no matter how hard you work, people don’t give shit until you deliver something.

Often time I get caught in trying to make something perfect, instead of focusing on getting it just done.

Done is better than perfect is a reality.

Part of me is doing this daily blog in order to improve this issue.

A daily blog is an obligation to deliver on a daily basis a piece of work.

It is a great tool for creatives I think to train your consistency and your capacity to ship.

ship early, ship often

Then you can improve the quality.

But first, training yourself to ship is vital.

Nobody love cheap talk.

People want to get results.

The results are measured only on what you shipped.

So bottom line, I need to improve my shipping.

Resistance and friction is what make the daily grind hard.

Let your creativity flow more easily by removing all the block from the roads so you can focus on the journey and not on perpetually cleaning up the mess that getting in your way.

Writing :

How I write

I use Notational Velocity (Windows / Linux equivalent) –


– DeskPM

but also setting up a place like /var/log on my site has remove a bunch of psychological road blocks that were getting in the way.

By creating an place where I could dump content on a daily places without having to focus on being too formal, it became easier for me to focus on the writing than on having to back up every claim with quotes, nice and funny pictures, and structured writing.

I’ll keep doing it for the main articles section.

But for daily writing – I really needed something simpler.

More focus on what matter.

It was just a question of workflow.

Same can be done when working on a project – remove anything from your way that prevent the most essential delivery. Once this is done, you can add some extra if you have some time. But first – build the core of what is expected and only then move on.

have a great day!

ok, inspired by a friend, I have decided to make some changes in the way i organise my content on this blog. Separating pure content (in depth article, how-tos, reference post) from the blog in a more casual sense of word.

In a follow up to post “We have stopped blogging” – I want to get back to some regular writing. Less formal, more personal, maybe informative maybe not – I don’t know yet, what I know is I want it to be place where I can share with you an open conversation.

So here I am, launching “/var/log – the personal daily internet log” 🙂 (or as daily as I can…)

/var/log is where you store the log (journaling file) on a *nix machine.

Since most of my content surround the world of tech, design and innovation I thought this would be an appropriate title.

Phase one of this project is to start writing on a daily basis, and create a healthy habit of content creation.

Then, we will see how to move on from that…

have a great day!