Couple of notes :

  • Impact is a the third parameter to be added to the traditional Growth / Value focus
  • Separate end users and funders.
  • Change the funding models to facilitate experimentatino on the early stage
  • Scaling to early also happen to the non-profit – with similar issues are the in the traditional business
  • Separate end users and funders.

Communication is at the heart of human relationships.

Human relationships is what allow us to build a common future.

If you want to change this common future you need to learn how to communicate about the future you want and why it should matter to others humans.

If they know why it matters, they will be more encline to listen how to get there.

Then, you will be able to tell them what to do to make this a reality.


For this to happen you need to learn to grind on your communication skills.


Create a vision – why it is worth bothering.


When the pain of staying in the current state is more than the pain of moving in – change will happen.

How is pain understood and evaluated is the result of your communication.


When the comfort of the current state is not as appealing that the drive for a new situation – change will happen.

How is this new situation understood is the result of your communication.


Movement itself require communication. To coordinate a mutual action, we need a common understanding of where we are all going and how we adjust to each other.


Without some well-communicated vision of the futur common-self toward which you want to lead your tribe, and some clearly-articulated arguments that will remember them all, each day why they keep investing in this cause, you won’t change a damn thing, because if you cannot change people’s mind – nothing can be changed on the long run.


Before you change the world, change how you communicate.



Hi there!

A quick tip today for NGO’s :

We live in a world with tight interconnections. It means that your cause, whatever it is you are rooting for – from handicap to poverty to your local social community service – chances are that people who don’t care for your cause are actually caring for a joint cause.

So, when you throw your next fundraising event, instead of doing it all alone and hoping for the best, go partner with an other NGO whose cause complement yours and share revenues from the event.


Your NGO is into young adult education – go partner with a social inclusion NGO. You do food for Africa, go partner with water for Africa NGO. You run a church, go partner with a NGO that fight against drug or illiteracy.

Split revenue in half – or whatever make sense and benefit from a new audience that will view cause differently now.

Of course, we could go on and expand on how you can use storytelling to bring some extra humf to this partnership and impact your fundraising campaign, but we’ll keep it short for today.