Johann Savalle

Product designer and full stack developper living in france
July 30, 2019- Code - Javascript - List

List of libraries to build cool NodeJS command lines apps

List of libraries to build NodeJS command-line apps and add fancy UI effects, manipulate configuration, interactive prompts, adding animated loaders, and other cool stuff.
July 22, 2019- UX - Design

Designing Forms - Getting it right

The UX of forms design actually matter. Here a compiltation of the best advices from the best designers I have found - and while you probably would have guessed yourself a large part of them, it is still a pretty useful chechlist
June 10, 2019- Design - Marketing

Design like you care

Nobody set out intentionnaly to produce poor design - yet we see it happens all the time. Here is a small rant on why this is happening.
May 22, 2019- Design

Tools don’t matter

If you think Emacs vs Vi the debate - start designing for iOS with MS Word and watch the world burn. Or not.
May 11, 2019- Productivity

How do you stay motivated

A quick post to discuss the ugly secret about staying motivated. Once you agree with this, you cannot go back.
May 09, 2019- Entrepreneurship - Productivity

Do the work. What for?

A short essay on what to do when you just don't get to do what you've set up for yourself to do. Fix the glitch in the matrix
March 13, 2019- Humor - Geek

Germany – Industrial map

Some map geekery to understand where are the actual industrial regions in Germany
March 13, 2019- humor - education

Evolutions of education

Getting smarter? Or just dumbing down the exams?
Whatever you think about it - that's still a funny pic.
March 01, 2019- reference - coding - education

Uncomplete list of recommended youtube channels

A list of recommended Youtube channel for coding, design, freelancing, business, and other related topics.
February 22, 2019- var-log

Engagement Gamification and monetisation

A review of different resources and examples on gamification for user engagement, and increased monetisation of user base.
February 21, 2019- var-log

RTMP restream with ffmpeg

how you can restream a source video from one RTMP to Facebook live
January 31, 2019- var-log

Forms in React

January 07, 2019- var-log

MySQL Mockdata

January 03, 2019- var-log

TOTD – Routines

January 02, 2019- var-log

redefine overdeliver

December 12, 2018- Innovation

Print your shoes

November 19, 2018- var-log

RTMP & Transcoding

August 22, 2018- var-log

UX heuristics

July 08, 2018- mygram

Toi Moi et vous

July 08, 2018- mygram


July 08, 2018- mygram

TODO – Done

you cannot always get it done the way you want it
June 20, 2018- var-log

Logo brief tips

April 24, 2018- var-log

SEO on a budget

April 10, 2018- var-log

JS tooling

February 06, 2018- var-log

not quitting

January 27, 2018- var-log

Just ship

January 26, 2018- var-log

Build Worflows

January 24, 2018- var-log

Making some changes

October 27, 2017- Innovation

Are you a robot?

April 15, 2017- Manifest

Make shit happen

January 30, 2017- Marketing

Content is king

November 26, 2016- Productivity

Make your meetings more efficient

Meetings can suck your time and your life. Fix them by having a clear deliverable define before the meeting.