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Gaming – let’s playyyy (coding resource)

Bunch of resources for side project on gaming. (got 2 boys at home who have their eyes locked on mario – so I just want to use that to open their eyes on it works and make some mods and some cool evolution of the game with them…) here is what I have found that […]

What’s up with Google AMP pages anyway

TL;DR:   AMP is Google tech for loading pages quickly on mobile. Basically AMP is the Google version of Facebook Instant Articles. Google is pushing this tech as a mean to increase the overall volume of mobile Ad inventory – essentially more page views means more revenues for publishers and Google via DoubleClick. Solving page […]

CCC – stuff to watch

Making Experts Makers and Makers Experts   Gamified Control? China’s Social Credit Systems https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-8874-gamified_control   Demystifying Network Cards Things you always wanted to know about NIC drivers https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9159-demystifying_network_cards   Everything you want to know about x86 microcode, but might have been afraid to ask An introduction into reverse-engineering x86 microcode and writing it yourself https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9058-everything_you_want_to_know_about_x86_microcode_but_might_have_been_afraid_to_ask […]

Slaughterbots – AI & Military

  Watch this video:     None of the technologies involved in this video are too far away from what is available today.   When you think about all the data available from face recognition, and geo-localisation – available from all major corporation – from Google to Apple including Facebook or Amazon – just to […]

not quitting

so yeah… I know it was supposed to post everyday. Well, it is apparently not 100% there yet. I know it is coming so I am not too worried. Maybe a bit disappointed with myself. The whole idea of /var/log was to create a space online where I could somehow journal my work, my research, […]

thoughts on organisations’ portal

Some elements on thoughts on designing / building a company’s web portal.   – is dependant on the internal business process – can help cut from 30% to 60% inefficiencies – Requires good collaboration between designers and client – is a thing since the 90’s – today you can basically integrate both and ERP / […]

a quick one about the designers’ struggle with clients

Yesterday I had a conversation with a designer who made a career change to become a real-estate sales person.   yep – you heard well.   From panda-hat pencil-in-hand graphic artist and logo designer, he went to sell cinderblocks lots…   What happened? well, unsurprisingly – he got sick of clients – he got tired […]

Some days just suck shit

Mondays don’t have to suck but sometime they do… which I guess is fine and was to be expected. Yet – when you didn’t sleep overnight and still have to break your head over tons of things… some days are just not easy. The secret – is to zoom out. When I manage to zoom […]