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Setting up keycloack auth service

Installing keycloak Keycloak is a redhat (and therefore now IBM) product for Identity and Access Management. If you need an auth service for your app, Keycloak is a perfect candidate. Instalation I like docker compose, so here is how I do it using official example from their repo:

Launch time #FSM-R0

Rose are red Violets are blue Newsletter are hard to do. Here is release 0 If You’re Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late Methodology Changing the weather inside your organisation by Tom Loosemore watch video Key take away : TBD Tools Uppy The happy uploader

Engagement Gamification and monetisation

Gamification for engagement and monetisation engagement and monetisation are nearly two aspects of the same thing. The user want to use to your app and is ready to invest more time or more money for it. Examples: Reddit : gamified status. Paid for social status using credits Audible : subscription earn you points, with points […]

RTMP restream with ffmpeg

here is how you can restream a source video from one RTMP to Facebook live ok lets break this down a bit: -r is for output framerate -ar is for audio rate -s is for scale – i.e. the size of the video -c:a is for audio encoding – note that this can be replaced […]

Build a ReactJS version of Medium

Needed this for a project Here are some ressources for medium like elements for your react app GitHub – wangzuo/react-medium-editor: React wrapper for medium-editor GitHub – rpearce/react-medium-image-zoom: 🔎 Medium.com style image zoom for React 🔍 GitHub – Kikobeats/react-clap-button: A Medium like clap button GitHub – yosbelms/react-progressive-loader: Utility to load images and React components progressively, and […]

Agile Product Development

NB: Article still in progress A jargon-free explanation of Agile for people who just want to work and build a product. The basics Agile is based on the recognition of a few facts: We suck at time estimation We suck at communication It is easier to correct small mistakes than big ones So taking this […]

Recommendation Engines

Understanding Recommendation Engines in AI – Humans For AI – Medium Recommendation Engines / Recommender systems are information filtering systems that deal with the problem of information overload by filtering vital information fragment out of a large amount of dynamically generated information according to user’s preferences, interest, or observed behavior about the item. Recommendation Engines […]