About me

Where did it start

I graduated as a software engineer in 2005, with a major in artifical intelligence. That's about 15 years ago... which is quite a long time in our industry. Back then Java was all the rage, SOA was about to revolution software architecture and you could run a decent amount of software with 64MB of RAM.

From software engineer to product design

Within a few years of my career, doing some Java and some Ruby, moving data around, I had the opportunity to evolve into marketing and product development where I stayed for a few years - focusing on userland - trying to build the best UX to optimize conversions, drive sales or reduce user churn, improve user engagement, or increase business value - depending on the different scenarios and strategies in various contextes from working with NGOs, startups or SMBs.

However, as software kept eating the world, I sort of naturally merged back into software development, and today I combine my skills freelancing for clients looking for a comprehensive approach to software development.

For a more thorough overview of my whereabouts, you can check my LinkedIn profile.

What I do today

Today I combine those product and marketing skills with my engineering background and coding abilities to build practical and innovative solutions using web technologies.

Concretly, it means understanding your business needs, and then providing you with a design of the solution you need (typically a web site, a web app or a mobile app) and once you are happy with the design, I build it.

If this sound something you might need, feel free to write me an email at  contact@yasha.solutions or get in touch on social.