Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy. (R. Anthony)

Certainty is cool.

We love when we can feel confident.

It makes our world emotionaly safer.


Also – we hate it when we have to issue a correction about a statement we made that turned out wrong.


Certainty is a certain form of safety.


Complexity leads to mistakes – which leads to lack of certainty…


If things could be that simple as right or wrong – as black or white – and as straightforward either good or bad – things would be awefully simpler.

But it is not.


Truth is the byproduct of searching for it.

It doesn’t reveal itself entirely and at once.

It will leave you in the dark with your own self doubts.



You will be tempted to settle for less than the truth.

Because it comfortable

Because it is easier.

Because you can.

And who will blame you?



Yet, if you keep digging…

you will get a regularly changing landscape –

it is confusing, but you will get used to it.


Most of the energy is not about how to find out what is right

it is more how not to settle before you get there.


The only strategy I know to stay on this journey is accept you might never know 100% yet agree that what you know today might be wrong tomorrow and the faster you accept it the faster you can adjust for it.


That’s all I know… for now…