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GrapesJS is a multi-purpose, Web Builder Framework. It can be used to create web pages, Newsletters, Native Mobile Applications, Native Desktop Applications (eg. Vuido), PDFs (eg. React PDF), etc.


“Just” another medium clone built on top of DraftJs – in React

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React Draft WYSIWYG

Just a react editor

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A multi framework editor

Warning : not free. Cost minimum 144 dollars and up to 1800 / year.

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Want some more – check this repo.

Source: Podcast with Adams Jacob from Chef

Right now, the most common line of thinking – when it comes to digital transformation – is we will take some large enterprise, like Procter and Gamble, and we’re going to rewrite Procter and Gamble so that it works the way Google works.

So, if Google had built Procter and Gamble, what would Google have done? And that’s our strategy.

The big plot is to take the entirety of your business, burn it to the ground, and then rebuild it as if they were another organisation they have never seen before, in a pattern they’ve never seen?

These things don’t work…

Yet, today that’s the predominant strategic theory,

If I take the tools, and the culture, and the pieces of the palaces in Menlo Park and I somehow figure out how to go from being Procter and Gamble to being Google, then it’s going to work.”

And it probably wont.

What’s going to happen is someone at Procter and Gamble, it won’t be me and it won’t be Charity, it’s going to be someone at Procter and Gamble who picks up Honeycomb, who picks up Chef, who picks up Kubernetes, who picks up whatever. And they’re going to make it Procter and Gamble.

What pops out the other side, it won’t be us who tells Procter and Gamble how to transform.

Procter and Gamble is going to transform, and then they’re going to tell everybody else, after a decade or more of us being like, “Hey, you should try it this way. What about doing it like this? Hey, Google does it this way. How about this? Facebook works like that.”

They’re going to be like, “Hold my beer. This is how Procter and Gamble does it. We’re deploying 100 thousand times a day, we’re doing the world’s greatest science you’ve ever seen and we’re adapting technology every inch as fast. We can get resources whenever we need them. We spun up a cancer research project in ten minutes on internal hardware. We developed custom motherboards to do the blah-blahs.”

And everybody is going to be like, “You did what?!” And Procter and Gamble’s stock price will go through the roof, and next thing you know the enterprise will actually start transforming. But they’ll be transforming to themselves, not to us.

The ad

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At LinkedIn, we are transforming the way organisations attract talent. Join us in changing the way the world works. The SMB Solutions team is looking for a French-speaking Media Solutions Manager to drive success with our campaign media customers. Using your analytical, influencing and relationship building skills, you will act as a business partner to the French and German SMB market, partnering with the sales team and our clients to ensure talent attraction and business development campaigns are utilised and optimised, and to ensure our customers come back for more! You will have the opportunity to work across a variety of industries, inspiring organisations with your expertise to transform their recruitment function by using LinkedIn’s most strategic and advanced campaign platform.

What I read

We need somebody to push our ad product in french (slow to adapt). We’ll hook you with the rest of guys trying to penetrate the European market. All industries are welcome, just get people to buy.



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About surveys : 18min47


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Heuristic Evaluation

A heuristic evaluation is a usability inspection method for computer software that helps to identify usability problems in the user interface (UI) design. It specifically involves evaluators examining the interface and judging its compliance with recognized usability principles (the “heuristics”). These evaluation methods are now widely taught and practiced in the new media sector, where UIs are often designed in a short space of time on a budget that may restrict the amount of money available to provide for other types of interface testing.

quoted from wikipedia

InstaRepeat the account that gather insta gram photos who look alike. Very surprising.

Check out the account InstaRepeat

  • Don’t run the internet facing SSH on an IP used by a key application.
  • Use a dedicated host acting as a jump box.
  • Use port knocking.
  • Use key pairs.
  • Use fail2ban.
  • Don’t allow root logins.
  • Restrict access to a named group.
  • Don’t use shared logins.
  • Don’t allow direct access below the presentation tier.

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