Org chart

If this look like the org. chart of the place you work at, you might want to consider thinking to go somewhere else.


No organisation ever started to end up like this, but it usually happen when you do not ingrain a culture of learning into your people and your organisation.

This happen when you put people who are just about the how, without understanding the why.

The moment people stop caring where the company is going, and just care about their “job” you know things will turn bad.

And when you as a leader stop learning and stop building a legacy, you start building the end of your own organisation turning it into a pillar of salt, of people looking at their past with nostalgia, when the world was a different place, when the industry was different and maybe they are right, maybe it was better back then…

But you sure cannot improve today if you ignore its existence…


Patience. Grit. Perseverance. Borderline Stubbornness.


Successful Startup founder are usually painted as stubborn asshole who don’t want to hear anyone else advice. While some are like that (anyone can be a startup founder, especially these days) the one who succeed are not usually stubborn, but they have grit, they do not give up easily. However, pure stubbornness wouldn’t work since they need to be able to learn fast and listen a lot… but I’ll leave that for an other article.


So, you need to stick to the part of the plan that said keep doing it.

The number one reason people failed, especially when it comes to content marketing and organic reach, is a lack of patience and will try one more time.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it brings you statistics, and you know pretty much what’s happening with your content, which at the beginning, is not much.

It is very tempting to let it go, drop it slowly, miss a few milestones until your plans to post on your page daily are gone, or your twitter engagement is running at an all time low.

Statistics will be your first enemy, and you’d be tempted to drop because of it. Instead, ignore statistics in the first 6 month to a year of your activity, until it become significant, and keep doing it. Every single day. And if you miss a day or a week, who cares, just get back to it, no bad feeling.

For every business owner, the day to day is soooo packed you’d be tempted to drop it entirely, or delegate it totally to some external agency to deal it for you, but even if an agency can come to help you with both the strategy and execution at scale, there is nothing that can replace you own personal involvement in your own company communication.

You have to do it, to be it and to sweat it.

Because in the long run, it matters. For real. To a point you cannot even imagine when you are at the beginning of the way.

So now go and get some of your marketing content done.

Yalla, davai, go do it… stop reading the internet, and go make the internet.



Can you design iOS with Microsoft Word? Well maybe you never thought it was possible, have a look at the video and then let’s talk…

When you know what you want to create, when you have a clear vision of the result then tools are merely a way to get there and you will get to the result you want.

In the video above, you can see a perfect execution of someone executing the iOS design into Microsoft Word. So while this is really an interesting approach, I have meet along my way designers doing webdesign with InDesign, or directly in CSS.

Some years ago, you could still find designer who would design your website with color pencil and a drawing table.

And you will find web developper who use Angular JS to make your site happen, while some would use perl, or python and some work with WordPress or Drupal.

You want to know the difference?


Because it is not about the tool, it is never about the tools. End users don’t know nor do they care how the sausage was made. A tiny majority have opinions about it should be done, but the reality is simpler. As long as you solve the problem at hand in an elegant and affordable manner, no one will really care about your tools of trade.




The short answer is : you don’t. There is no such thing as “staying” motivated. Instead you need to cultivate necessity.


You know this feeling you get when you’re getting dangerously close to a deadline. Like you have to get that shit done. Now. Err.. actually yesterday, but yeah, now. And you get full power into your essay/project/report. That feel like motivation, right? So now the question is more how do I stay motivated all the time? Not just when I get close to a deadline, but when I want to.

Think about it for a moment, the high pressure coming from a danger (missed deadline) is a high necessity. So you need it and you do it.

To get wired on your goals, and achieve what you want in life, you have to need these goals in the first place.

You are like “I would like to want to get my degree, but instead I’ll just chill today” You want results but not as hard as you wanna chill.

So, first change your source of information, what you watch, what you read, until you become something else.

To be somewhere, you have to be someone else, so become some else.

Because we are wired to do just what we need to do, get to the point where you need to achieve your goal.

Do the work.

You know it is true. You know it is right but you do not get to do it.

Too busy? Too lazy?

Maybe you are just unclear with your goals.

Humans are goal-driven animals. We just cannot move our little finger if we do not have a reason for it. It may be a primal instinct that drive you toward action, and skip the rationalisation altogether, or it may be a cold rationalised series of strategic moves, or a mix of both. Whatever it is, the clearer it will be for you, the better off you will be.

Too often, lack of productivity and the feeling of being in the busy hamster wheel is the result of a lack of clarity.

By lack of clarity, I mean that your head tells you one thing, but your guts tell you an other one, and you get confused.

When you get confused your brain is activating its internal brakes and you won’t get far.

Like, you know you should be finishing this report, but hell, that TED talk on the future of education is soooo interesting… hey! look a video on hamster… 2 hours later… no new lines on this report, or not much progress on this design thing, or whatever you were supposed to get done is yet to get done.


Because you don’t know why you were supposed to do this report on the first place… Like, yeah, you know it’s tied to your project/job/commitment to someone, but why was that someone important? What do you do this project? How is this linked to your long terms goal? etc.


In short, you need to get your guts and your brain to reconnect.



Get a piece of paper, your daily journal, an old envelop, whatever you can, and a pen. Write down:

“I want to do this report because X”

“I want to do X because Y”

“Y because Z”


Go as far as possible in your chain of causality until your life purpose and this report reconnect. Until this report make sense in your life again.

Unless it doesn’t, and then figure out how to get out of here, because your life won’t get much better if you keep doing shit you hate because it is not what you want to do anyway.